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Working with Frames
Modifying Frames
Whether you already have text or graphics in the
frame, once you have the frame in place, you can
easily modify its size or position. You have
discovered that with other Office objects you select the
object and then you can manipulate it. Since a
Publisher frame is also an object, you modify it
using the same standard techniques:
To delete a frame, select the frame and
press the Delete key.
To move a frame, select the frame, move the
mouse pointer over the frame edge (but not
a handle), and then drag the frame to a
different position. Make sure the mouse
pointer is in the shape of a four-headed arrow as
seen in Figure 25-15 before you drag the
frame. You can also use the arrow keys to
“nudge” a frame up, down, left, or right a
small amount.
Figure 25-13
Inserting a border.
Mouse pointer as four-headed arrow
Figure 25-15
Moving a frame.
Figure 25-14
Using Publisher’s advertisements.
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