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Working with Frames
4. If you want a different border around the
frame, choose Drawing Tools>Format>Shape
Styles and click the Shape Outline arrow.
From here you can select a different color,
thickness, style, and other options.
Although you can add borders and
shading to any type of frame, typically you use
it with text frames.
5. If you want a different shading for the frame
interior, choose Drawing Tools>Format>
Shape Styles and click the Shape Fill arrow. A
gallery appears including colors, pictures,
gradients, textures, and patterns. In Figure
25-19, you see choices for a texture fill.
Select the frame you want to modify.
2. Choose Drawing Tools Format>Shape Styles
and click the More button. A gallery of styles
appears. The choices and color you see
depend on the color options you selected
when creating your publication.
3. Pause your mouse over any option to see its
effect on your frame as you see in Figure
25-18, and then click the option you want.
Figure 25-19
Fill your frame with a pattern.
Use Light Colored Text
If you choose a dark background color or
pattern, you will probably want to change your
text color to a light or white color.
Figure 25-18
Selecting a Shape Style.
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