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Using Undo and Repeat
Using Undo and Repeat
If you make a change and then decide
you really don’t want to make that change after
all, use Word’s Undo function. You can use
Undo to restore text that you deleted, to delete
text you just typed, or to reverse a recently taken
action. Word keeps track of several steps you’ve
recently taken, so you can also undo your actions
back several steps if you prefer.
To undo multiple actions at once, click the
arrow next to the Undo button and choose
how far back you want to reverse your
actions (see Figure 2-19).
Repeat Undo Undo multiple steps
Save Cancels Undo
Be aware that once you save your document,
you cannot use Undo to “unsave” it. Also, if
you close the document, when you reopen it,
you cannot undo changes made in your
previous editing session.
Figure 2-19
If you make a mistake, undo it!
To reverse the last action you took, click the
Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
To repeat a previous action, click the Repeat
button on the Quick Access Toolbar. If you
just used the Undo button, the repeat
button allows you to undo the previous Undo
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