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Working with Text
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
Working with Text
In Chapter 24, you discovered several
general Publisher functions you use with
publication text. Most of those functions such as
applying fonts and font attributes you can use in almost
any Office application. In this section, you discover
some functions that you typically only see in
Publisher; functions that are designed to make
your publication look great and help keep your
readers interested.
2. Choose Insert>Text>Insert File. The Insert
Text dialog box appears.
3. Navigate to and select the file you want to
4. Click OK. Publisher creates a text box with
the document text in it. See Figure 25-20.
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Inserting a File
If you have a story created in a Word document, you
can easily bring the story into Publisher. When you
bring in the file, it retains the formatting from the
Word document, which you can keep or change.
Other File Types
You can also insert a file created in WordPad
and Notepad.
You can either insert the file into an existing text
box or you can let Publisher create one for you. If
you don’t have a text box ready for the story, when
you insert the file, Publisher creates a text box in
the middle of the page. If the story requires more
than one page, Publisher continues the story onto
additional pages, using page-wide linked text
boxes. To insert a file, just follow these easy steps:
Figure 25-20
Inserting a Word file.
Display the publication page on which you
want to insert the file.
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