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Working with Text
Adding Text to a Shape
Any shape object other than arrows and lines can
have text applied. You could create a text frame
and move it inside the object, but that typically
makes for a lot of work. A much easier way is to let
Publisher enter the text and automatically place it
in the shape.
Figure 25-25, you see the same graphic three times
inside the text. With the graphic on the top, the
Square wrap option wraps text around the graphic
in a square pattern. The center graphic uses the
Tight option, and you see the text wrapped tightly
around the graphic, which leaves less whitespace
between the text and graphic.
Wrap Text
Right-click the shape and choose Add Text from the
shortcut menu. A blinking insertion point appears
in the object where you can type your text. You can
then select the text and use any formatting tool to
enhance it as you wish. See Figure 25-24.
Figure 25-25
Making text and graphics play nice together.
The bottom graphic illustrates the None option,
where the graphic overlays on top of the text.
Through wrap, which is not shown in Figure 25-25,
is the default.
Figure 25-24
Type text in the drawn shape.
Wrapping Text Around a
By controlling how you wrap text around a frame or
graphic, you can make your publication look much
more professional. If you look at the graphics in
To change the way the text wraps around a
graphic, select the graphic and choose Drawing Tools
Format>Arrange>Wrap Text. Select the text
wrapping option you want.
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