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Working with Pages
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
Working with Pages
Some publications contain only a
single page when you create them. Others
may contain two, four, or more pages. If you
have too many pages, you can delete the extras;
and if you need more, you can easily add them.
Inserting New Pages
As you continue working on your projects, you may
find you need additional pages. If, for example,
your community newsletter has extra articles, you
can add pages as needed. Just follow these steps:
Choose Insert>Pages and click the Page
arrow. A menu of options appears.
Figure 25-26
An Insert Page dialog box.
Choose Insert Blank Page to insert a
simple blank page.
Choose Insert Duplicate Page to create
a copy of the current page.
Choose Insert Page, which displays the
dialog box seen in Figure 25-26 where
you will make additional decisions.
The choices you see depend on your
publication type. In this example,
because the current document is a
Newsletter, you get the Insert
Newsletter Pages dialog box.
2. Click the page drop-down menu and choose
the type of page you want to insert. See
Figure 25-27.
Figure 25-27
Choose a page type.
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