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Working with Pages
3. Optionally, click the More button. The Insert
Page dialog box shown in Figure 25-28
If the page is a single page, not part of a
two-page spread, and the page contains no
objects, Publisher simply deletes the page
with no questions asked.
If the page is a single page but contains
objects, a warning message indicates that
the selected page contains objects. Click Yes
to delete the page.
If the page is part of a two-page spread, you
see the Delete Page dialog box seen in
Figure 25-29, prompting you whether you
want to delete both pages or just the left or
right page. Make a selection and click OK. If
the page (or pages) contains objects, you
are prompted with a warning message.
Figure 25-28
An Insert Page dialog box.
4. Choose how many new pages you want to
5. Select whether you want the new pages
placed before or after the current page.
Figure 25-29
Which page do you want to delete?
6. Determine whether you want the new pages
blank, with a text box, or as a duplicate of a
specified page.
Depending on the publication type, you may also
see an additional warning message. Click OK to
Click the OK button. The new page appears
on the Navigation Pane.
Deleting Unwanted Pages
To delete extra pages you don’t need in the
publication, display the page you do not want and
choose Page Design>Pages>Delete. Depending on
what you are deleting, the following occurs:
Moving Pages
If you created a page and then decided you want it
in a different position in the publication, you can
move pages from one place to another. You use the
Navigation Pane. If necessary, resize the Navigation
Pane so you can see which page you want to move.
Select the page you want to move and drag it up or
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