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Working with Pages
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
down the Navigation Pane. As you move it, you see
a heavy black line and an outline of the page you
are moving. See Figure 25-30. Move the black line
so it is on in the position where you want the
page. Release the mouse button and Publisher
moves the page.
Adding Page Backgrounds
For many publications, a really cool trick is to add
a color or gray shaded background to a page. Like
filling shapes, you can add backgrounds with
colors, gradients, textures, patterns, or even a picture!
Follow these steps to apply a background:
Selected page New position
Display the page you want to format.
2. Choose Page Design>Page Background>
Background. The Background gallery appears,
as you see in Figure 25-31.
Figure 25-31
Adding a background to a page.
3. Click the one you want, or choose More
backgrounds where you can choose additional
gradients, patterns, textures, or a picture.
Figure 25-30
Moving pages.
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