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Preparing for Printing
Preparing for Printing
When you pack your car for a
vacation, you probably have a checklist—
either a mental list or a physical one. Did
you turn off the stove? Did you pack the
sunscreen? And don’t forget, even Santa checks his list
twice! All types of issues come to mind as you run
through the list. When you finish your publication,
before you go to the trouble and possible expense
of sending it to recipients, you want to make sure
it is just right.
25-32) or choose Yes if Publisher prompts you to
check the other stories. When the spelling check
process is complete, click Yes to the informational
box that appears.
Before you actually print your document, you will
want to check it for flaws—both text spelling flaws
and potential design flaws. Publisher contains several
tools to help keep your document in tip top shape.
Figure 25-32
Making your publication free of spelling errors.
Checking Your Spelling
Like other Office applications, Microsoft Publisher
includes a feature to check for misspelled words. As
you type text in your publication, Publisher
operates the spell checker tool in the background and
identifies problems by displaying a wavy red line
under them. Right-click on an unrecognized word
and choose from the possible replacement words.
Running the Design Checker
Just before you produce your publications you
should run the Design Checker. The Design
Checker examines the publication and looks for
potential items such as stories with undesignated
overflow, frames out of the print area, text boxes
with no text, missing Web links, invisible objects,
or even pictures that are out of proportion,
missing, or have poor resolution.
If you want to check the entire publication in a
single round, you can choose Review>Proofing>
Spelling or press the F7 key. The Check Spelling
dialog box appears with the first error. By default,
the Spell Check checks only the currently selected
story, but you can either click the Check All Stories
option in the Spell Check dialog box, (see Figure
Depending on the publication destination, the
Design Checker can run a general design check, or
look for special problems a commercial printer
might run into with the file, or problems you
might encounter if you e-mail or create a Website
from the publication.
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