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Preparing for Printing
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
Follow these steps:
Click the File tab and from the Info tab,
choose Run Design Checker. The Design
Checker task pane seen in Figure 25-33
appears and lists the potential problem areas
it located.
Figure 25-33
Running the Design Checker to look for
problem areas.
Figure 25-34
Design Checker offers solutions.
Control the Design Checker
2. Click directly on an item to jump to and
select the questionable area. You can the fix
the problem, however, in some cases, the
Design Checker offers an automatic fix.
Instead of jumping to the problem area, click
the down arrow next to a problem as seen in
Figure 25-34. You can choose to Go To This
Item, which takes you back to the problem,
or Publisher may offer a fix for the problem.
To see or control the Design Checker
behavior, click the Design Checker Options
hyperlink in the Design Checker pane. You can
control how the Design Checker displays
found errors, and which potential design
errors it should look for.
3. Click Explain, and a Publisher Help window
appears with information about the problem
and its possible solutions.
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