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Preparing for Printing
Chapter 25
Designing Your Own Publication
If you need to return to the publication, click the
File tab.
Settings: Determine which pages you want
to print. If, from the Navigation Pane, you
select the pages you want before you
display the Print dialog box, you can choose
Print Selection to print only those pages. If
you want to print only selected pages,
choose Print Custom Range and enter the
page numbers separated by a comma or a
dash. For example to print only the first
three publication pages, enter 1, 2, 3 or 1-3.
Other settings include options such as
paper size.
Printing Your Publication
When your document is complete and you’ve
reviewed it for any changes, you may want to make
a hard copy of it to file away or to share with
others. Click the File tab and, from the Backstage view
that appears, choose Print. A Print Settings section
appears on the left and a preview of the worksheet
appears on the right. The Print settings section
seen in Figure 25-36 illustrates the many printing
options. Take a look at a few of them:
Choose any desired options and then click the
Print button to begin printing.
E-Mailing from Publisher
Microsoft Publisher’s e-mail capabilities are tied to
the e-mail program you use with other applications,
such as Outlook or Windows Mail. You learn about
e-mailing with Outlook in Chapter 20,
“Communicating with Outlook E-Mail.” To send
your publication via e-mail, choose File>Save &
Send where you see the Backstage view’s Save &
Send options shown in Figure 25-37. Notice that
next to each button is an explanation of its options.
Figure 25-36
Print settings.
Copies: Select the number of copies you
want to print.
Printer: If you are connected to more than
one printer, you can select which printer
you want to use from the Name drop-down
Figure 25-37
Share your publication via e-mail.
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