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Selecting Text Attributes
Selecting Text Attributes
When you speak, the tone of your
voice conveys how you feel. You can
convey your enthusiasm (or lack of it), be
friendly, or be sarcastic. In a similar way, fonts,
which are families of design styles for the numbers,
letters, and symbols that make up text, can provide
additional information to the readers. Fonts can, for
example, make your document appear mature and
businesslike or young and casual.
Turn Off Live Preview
If you don’t like the Live Preview option, you
can turn it off. Click the File tab and choose
Options. Click General and remove the check
mark from Enable Live Preview. Then click OK.
Choosing a Font
In addition to the many fonts you already have on
your machine, Word comes with additional fonts.
The default font used with Word 2010 is called
Calibri. Fonts generally fall into two categories: serif
and sans serif. Serif fonts usually have details on the
ends of some of the strokes that make up letters
and symbols. A font that has serifs is called a serif
font and a font without serifs is called sans serif,
from the French word sans , meaning “without.”
Choosing a suitable font size can make a document
easier to read. Other text attributes you might use
to set the document tone include style settings
such as bold, underline, italics, or even color.
For many text attributes, Word offers a chance to
“try before you buy” with its Live Preview feature.
By pointing to various formatting choices you can
see the effect the option has on your document
before you actually choose the format choice. If
you like it, you can simply click your mouse to
choose the option. For example, if you hover your
mouse over a font choice, the text appears
deselected (it isn’t) and displays with the font you are
pointing to. Live Preview works with most font and
paragraph formatting choices as well as styles and
picture formatting changes.
Changing fonts is a very simple process. Select the
text you want to modify and choose Home>Font
and from the Font drop-down menu select the font
you want to use (see Figure 3-1).
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