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Selecting Text Attributes
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
own measurement in the Font Size box. And while
you can enter a value between 1 and 1,638, don’t
expect to be able to read a one-point font, and a
character as large as 1,638 points won’t even begin
to fit on a standard page!
Optionally, you can click the Grow Font or Shrink
Font button to increase or decrease your font size.
Figure 3-2 illustrates a document with a title font
size of 24 points.
Font size Grow font Shrink font
Figure 3-1
Choose a font from the list.
Quickly Display Font
If you know the font name you want, you
can quickly jump to that font by typing the
first few characters of the font name. For
example, if you want a Tahoma font, from
the font list, type Ta, or for Arial, type Ari.
Selecting a Font Size
You can use any size for any font. Font sizes are
measured in points , where a point is approximately
1/72 of an inch tall. Therefore, a 72-point font is
approximately 1 inch tall.
Figure 3-2
Changing font sizes.
Keyboard Shortcut
The keyboard shortcut for Grow Font is
Ctrl+Shift+> and for Shrink Font it’s
Select the text you want to format and then choose
Home>Font. Click the Font Size drop-down menu
arrow. You see a drop-down menu of available sizes
similar to those seen in Figure 3-2. Choose the size
you want from the drop-down menu, or type your
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