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Selecting Text Attributes
Applying Formatting Attributes
Applying formatting attributes such as bold , italic ,
or underline calls attention to particular parts of
your text. Additionally, you can assign a superscript
or subscript notation to any text that makes it
appear above or below the standard text, such as a
copyright or trademark symbol. You can easily
access these choices and others with the Home tab
of the Ribbon.
Select the text you want modified and from the
Home tab’s Font group as shown in Figure 3-4,
choose the attribute you want to apply.
Bold Italic Underline Strikethrough
Subscript Superscript
Insert Symbols
Figure 3-4
Applying special text attributes.
To insert a copyright, trademark, registered
trademark, or any of hundreds of different
symbols, choose Insert>Symbols>Symbols
and make a selection from the Symbol
gallery. Clicking More Symbols displays the
Symbol dialog box, as seen in Figure 3-3.
More Keyboard Shortcuts
Some formatting shortcuts include Ctrl+B for
bold, Ctrl+I for italic, and Ctrl+U for single
If you want your text underlined with something
different from the single underline, you can click
the down arrow next to the Underline button and
select an underline style and color from the
dropdown menu shown in Figure 3-5.
Figure 3-3
Inserting special symbols and language characters.
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