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Selecting Text Attributes
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
Select the text you want formatted.
2. Choose Home>Font>Font Color, or if you want
to select a specific color, click the down arrow
next to Font Color and make a choice from the
resulting gallery as shown in Figure 3-6.
Font Color
Figure 3-5
Choosing an underline style.
More Underline Choices
Choosing More Underlines displays the Font
dialog box where you can select even more
underline styles.
Figure 3-6
Add WOW to a document with color.
Adding Color
Another way to add impact to your document is by
adding color to your text. Color becomes very
effective when printing to a color printer or
viewing your document onscreen. Follow these steps to
apply color to your text:
Do you notice how the gallery colors are grouped
together in themes? Office document themes,
available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, contain
colors, fonts, and other formatting options, all
designed to give your documents a polished,
professional appearance. See “Working with Themes”
later in this chapter.
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