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Selecting Text Attributes
Highlighting Text
You can highlight text in your document in the
same manner you highlight text with a marker in a
book. You can even choose the color of highlighter
you want to use. While on a monitor or with a
color printer, you see the highlight color, on a
black and white printer, highlighting prints as gray
shading over the text. Highlighting calls attention
to specific areas of your document.
Adding Text Effects
New to Word 2010, you find the ability to add
spectacular special effects to your text. With just a
few mouse clicks, your text can illustrate shadows,
glows, reflections, bevels, and many other great
formatting features.
Select the text you want to work with, and then
choose Home>Font>Text Effects. A gallery of text
effects appears, as you can see in Figure 3-8. Select
the effect you want, or click one of the options at
the bottom for even more text enhancements.
Select the text you want to format with highlighting
and then choose Home>Font>Text Highlight Color,
or if you want to select a specific color, click the
down arrow next to Text Highlight Color and make a
choice from the resulting gallery. Word deselects the
text and applies the highlighting. Figure 3-7 shows
text with yellow highlighting.
Text Effects
Text Highlight Color
Figure 3-7
Call attention to special areas with highlighting.
Figure 3-8
Add lots of pizzazz with text effects!
Remove Highlighting
To remove highlighting, choose No Color
from the available highlight color selections.
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