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Selecting Text Attributes
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
Using the Mini Toolbar
Word (along with Excel and PowerPoint) contains a
semitransparent Mini Toolbar designed to provide
quick access to many text and paragraph formatting
features so you don’t have to move your mouse so
far to select the commands from the Ribbon.
Text Highlight Color
Font Color
Format Painter
The Mini Toolbar appears whenever you select
some text. As your mouse points to the selected
text, the transparent toolbar appears. As you move
your mouse pointer so it rests on top of the
toolbar, the Mini Toolbar appears in full opacity (see
Figure 3-9).
Turn Off Mini Toolbar
If you find the Mini Toolbar distracting, you
can turn it off. Click the File tab and choose
Options. Click General and remove the check
mark from Show Mini Toolbar on Selection.
Click OK.
Using the Font Dialog Box
Another way to apply formatting to your selected
text is through the Font dialog box, where you can
make all your font choices via a single box. Also,
you’ll find that the Font dialog box offers additional
attribute options not available on the Ribbon. Use
the following steps to work with the Font dialog box:
Figure 3-9
Save mouse movement by using the Mini Toolbar.
Available choices on the Mini Toolbar include:
Select the text you want formatted.
Font Size
2. From the Home tab, click the Fonts group
Dialog Box Launcher or press Ctrl+Shift+F.
You see the Font dialog box displayed in
Figure 3-10.
Grow Font
Shrink Font
Decrease Indent
Increase Indent
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