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Selecting Text Attributes
Clear Formatting
Figure 3-11
Easily remove unwanted formatting.
Figure 3-10
The Font dialog box.
Changing the Default Font
As mentioned earlier in this chapter, Word 2010
begins with an 11-point Calibri font. If your
company has a different font as its company standard
or you just prefer a different font for most
documents, you can change the default font for any
new Word documents. Changing the default font
does not affect any existing documents but will
apply to all new documents.
3. Make any desired text attribute changes. The
preview box at the bottom of the dialog box
illustrates your choices. Live Preview isn’t
available from the Font dialog box.
4. Click the OK button.
Removing Formatting
If you decide you really liked the original
formatting in your document, you can easily return it to
the default document settings. After selecting the
text from which you want to remove formatting,
choose Home>Font>Clear Formatting. (See Figure
3-11.) All text and paragraph formatting choices
return to the default setting with the exception of
highlighting. Any applied highlighting remains on
the selected text.
Body Font
The document body font is actually
determined by the theme you use. See “Working
with Themes” later in this chapter.
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