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Formatting Paragraphs
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
You can set the default font from any blank
document, or any currently open document. Just follow
these steps:
From the Home tab, click the Fonts group
Dialog Box Launcher or press Ctrl+Shift+F.
2. Select the font and size you want as your
3. Click the Default button. A confirmation
message like the one seen in Figure 3-12
4. Click All documents based on the Normal
template, and then click OK.
Figure 3-12
Confirm the Default font change.
Formatting Paragraphs
Word includes many features
designed to assist you in placing text on
the page just the way you want it. You can
align text left-to-right using tabs or alignment
options, or you can adjust your text vertically using
line spacing options. Take a look at some of the
available paragraph formatting choices.
Aligning Text
Alignment arranges the text to line up at one or
both margins, or centers it between the margins.
Alignment applies to entire paragraphs. In other
words, you can’t center-align part of a paragraph
and left-align another part of the same paragraph.
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