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Formatting Paragraphs
You can align text to the left, right, or center, or
you can justify your text, which means that the text
becomes evenly spaced across the page from the
left margin to the right margin. Apply alignment
options by selecting the text you want to align,
then choosing Home>Paragraph and clicking one
of the following alignment buttons:
Adding Paragraph Borders
You can apply borders to any size block of text,
which draws the reader’s eye to specific areas for a
“quick read.” Use a border to place a frame around
a word, phrase, paragraph, or group of paragraphs
to frame the text and call specific attention to the
areas. A border can encase the entire area or be
any combination of lines around the text, such as
above and/or below the text. Select the text you
want bordered and choose Home>Paragraph. Click
the drop-down arrow next to the Borders button,
which displays a list of options like the one you see
in Figure 3-14. Choose the border option you want.
Align Text Left: The text aligns evenly at
the left margin. This is the default choice.
Center: The text centers evenly between
the left and right margins.
Align Text Right: The text aligns along the
right document margin.
Justify: The text fills with micro spaces so
it aligns evenly on both the left and right
Figure 3-13 illustrates a document with text
matching each alignment option.
Align Text Left Center Align Text Right Justify
Figure 3-14
Adding borders around text.
Automatic Border
Word automatically adds a thin single-line
border if you type three dashes in a row and
then press the Enter key. Typing three
underscore characters in a row and pressing Enter
automatically creates a thicker border line.
Figure 3-13
Changing alignment of selected text.
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