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Formatting Paragraphs
Indenting Text
Typically, text runs between the left and right
margins, but you may want to indent particular
paragraphs. Surprise! Word contains a tool for
indenting. Click anywhere in the paragraph you want to
indent and then choose Home>Paragraph>Increase
Indent. Each click of the Increase Indent button
indents the text one-half inch from the left margin.
Click the Decrease Indent button to move the text
back one-half inch.
Click the spinner arrows for the Left or the Right
text boxes to specify the number of inches to
indent the left and right edge of the paragraph.
The Preview box at the bottom shows the effects of
your settings. Optionally, click the Special
dropdown menu and select an indenting option:
First line: This option indents only the first
line of the paragraph and leaves the rest of
the paragraph even with the left margin.
Hanging: This option indents all lines
except the first line of the paragraph.
If you want to indent the right margin or you want
to manually set how much indentation Word
applies, you can use the Format Paragraph dialog
box. Click the Paragraph Dialog Box Launcher,
which displays the Paragraph dialog box seen in
Figure 3-16.
Click OK after you finish making selections. Word
applies the paragraph indentation settings you
Another way to control indentation is by dragging
the indentation icons on the ruler:
Indented paragraph Increase Indent
Indentation indicator Decrease Indent
View Ruler
If you don’t see the ruler, choose
Left Indent
Hanging Indent
First Line Indent
Right Indent
Figure 3-16
Set text apart by using indentation.
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