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Formatting Paragraphs
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
Working with Tabs
By default, each time you press the Tab key, Word
moves the insertion point a half inch to the right.
However, you can set tab stops at desired points
along the ruler so that when you press the Tab key,
the insertion point moves to that point
automatically, instead of stopping every half inch.
Tab button
Do not try to line up text by pressing the spacebar.
Even if the text looks evenly aligned on the screen,
it won’t be lined up when printed. Use tabs instead.
The following steps show you how to set your own
tab settings:
Figure 3-17
Setting manual tabs.
Click the mouse pointer at the location you
want to create a tabbed paragraph.
Left: The Tab button defaults to the left
tab symbol, which looks like an “L.” When
using a left tab, text appears with the left
edge of the text at the tab.
Select Paragraphs
Center: When you select a center tab
symbol, the Tab button looks like an
upside-down “T.” When using a centered
tab, text centers at the tab stop.
If you want to set tabs for multiple
previously typed paragraphs, select the paragraphs
before proceeding to Step 2.
Right: When you select the right tab
symbol, the tab button looks like a
backward “L.” When using a right tab, text
appears with the right edge of the text at
the tab stop.
2. Make sure the ruler display is turned on. If
you don’t see your rulers, choose
Decimal: If you display the decimal
tab, the Tab button appears as an
upsidedown “T” with a dot on the right. When
writing out dollar and cent amounts, for
example, decimal points align to the tab.
3. Click the Tab button located at the left end
of the horizontal ruler as often as needed
until you see your desired tab alignment icon
(see Figure 3-17). Some tab choices include:
Bar: Bar tabs are very different from
the previous four tabs. Text doesn’t position
around bar tabs. Instead, Word inserts a
vertical bar at the top position and runs
through the depth of the paragraph.
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