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Formatting Paragraphs
4. Click on the horizontal ruler to set the tab
for the current paragraph or the currently
selected paragraphs. Depending on the tab
type you selected, a left, right, center,
decimal, or bar tab symbol appears where you
clicked the ruler.
bar. As you drag the tab, a vertical, dotted line like
the one shown in Figure 3-19 illustrates the new
tab position. When you release the mouse button,
the text moves to the new tab position.
5. Click in the paragraph and press the Tab key.
Notice how the insertion point moves to the
tab setting you created.
6. Type some text. The text you type appears on
the page. In Figure 3-18, you see examples of
left and right align tabs as you might use
them in a document.
Figure 3-19
Easily move manual tabs to a different area.
Deleting a Tab
Like moving a tab, using the ruler makes deleting a
tab a very simple process. Select the paragraphs
that have a tab you want to delete and then drag
the current tab setting off the ruler, into the body
of the document. A vertical dotted line appears.
When you release the mouse button, the tab
disappears from the ruler and text realigns according to
your new tab settings. If there is no previous
manual tab stop, the default tab settings take effect.
Tab stops
Figure 3-18
Line up text with tabs—not spaces.
Using the Tabs Dialog Box
If you want your tab stops at more precise positions
than you get by clicking the ruler, or if you want a
dot leader before the tab, use the Tabs dialog box.
Select the text where you want to set the tab. From
the Home tab, click the Paragraph Dialog Box
Launcher and then click the Tabs button, or
doubleclick any manual tab stop on the ruler. You see the
Tabs dialog box shown in Figure 3-20.
Continue Tab Settings
Pressing Enter continues the tab settings to
the next paragraph.
Moving a Tab
If you’re not happy with the position of your tab
stop, you can easily move it. Select to highlight the
paragraphs that have a tab you want moved, and
then drag the tab to a new location on the ruler
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