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Formatting Paragraphs
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
Changing Line Spacing
Line spacing is the amount of vertical space between
each line of text. You might want to change line
spacing when you want to make a document such as a
contract easier to read or to make room for changes
when writing a document draft. Like text alignment,
line spacing applies to complete paragraphs. Use the
following steps to change line spacing:
Default Line Spacing
Word 2010 and 2007 use a default line
spacing of 1.15. Earlier versions of Microsoft Word
used single spacing (1.0) as the default setting.
Figure 3-20
The Tabs dialog box.
Select the text you want to change.
2. Choose Home>Paragraph>Line and
Paragraph Spacing. A list of options appears
(see Figure 3-21).
In the Tab stop position text box, type the location
you want for the new tab and choose an Alignment
and optional Leader style for the tab. Click the Set
button. Repeat this action for each tab you want
set. Click OK to close the Tabs dialog box.
3. S elect a line spacing option. Word applies the
spacing you select to the highlighted text.
Change Default Tab Setting
Optionally, use the Tabs dialog box to change
the default tab stop setting from 0.5” to any
desired amount.
Figure 3-21
Choosing a line spacing option.
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