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Formatting Paragraphs
Changing Spacing Between
Paragraph spacing is the amount of vertical space
between each paragraph of text. Remember that
whenever you press the Enter key, you start a new
paragraph. In early versions of Word, the default
was no spacing between paragraphs, so,
traditionally; you would press the Enter key a second time
to leave space between two paragraphs. Word 2010
and Word 2007 use a different default setting. The
default setting allows for 10 points of blank space
at the bottom of every paragraph, thereby
eliminating the need to press the extra Enter key.
However, you have complete control over how
much spacing, if any, you want between two
paragraphs. Similar to indentation, paragraph spacing
is controlled through the Paragraph dialog box.
From the Home tab, click the Paragraph Dialog
Box Launcher, which displays the Paragraph dialog
box (see Figure 3-22).
Figure 3-22
Manually setting the desired amount of spacing
between paragraphs.
The Spacing section is where you determine the
amount of space you want before or after each
paragraph. Settings are measured in points and
range from –1 to 1584.
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