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Copying Formatting
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
Copying Formatting
If you spend several minutes setting up just
the right text and paragraph formatting, and you
know you’ll need the same formatting several
more times in your document, you don’t want to
have to remember all your settings and repeat them
over and over again. Instead, you can copy formatting
from one area to others by using the Format Painter
tool. Follow these easy steps to copy formatting:
Keep Format Painter Active
To keep the Format Painter function active
for repeated use, double-click the Format
Painter button. When you finish using the
Format Painter function, click the Format
Painter button again, which turns it off.
Select some of the text containing the
formatting you want to use elsewhere. Your
selection could include just a few characters
or an entire paragraph.
Format Painter Mouse pointer
2. Choose Home>Clipboard>Format Painter.
Your mouse pointer changes to the shape of
a paintbrush.
3. Press and hold the mouse button and drag
over the text you want formatted.
4. Release the mouse button. Notice, as shown
in Figure 3-23, how the third paragraph
takes on the formatting attributes of the first
Figure 3-23
Save formatting time by using the Format
Painter tool.
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