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Working with Lists
Working with Lists
You can use bullets or numbers to call
attention to lists in your documents.
Traditionally, you use bullets when the list
items do not follow any particular order (such as a
list of options), and you use numbers when you
want the items to follow each other in numerical
order (such as the steps in this topic). Select the text
for which you want to add bullets or numbers. Then,
choose Home>Paragraph and click either the Bullets
button or the Numbering button. Both items have a
drop-down arrow from which you can select a bullet
or number style (see Figure 3-24). You can preview
the options with Live Preview by pausing your
mouse over any option before selecting.
Bullets or Numbers?
If you choose bullets and then decide you
want numbering, or vice-versa, select the
text, and then choose the other option. If
you decide you don’t want a bulleted or
numbered list, select the text and click the
bullet or number button again, which
removes the selected option.
If you have not already typed your list, Word
monitors your keystrokes and, depending on what you
type, automatically converts a list to a bulleted or
numbered list. If you type a 1 followed by a period
and then either a space or tab, Word automatically
converts the item to a numbered list. If you type
an asterisk * followed by a space or a tab, Word
automatically changes the asterisk into a bullet.
When you finish typing and press the Enter key,
Word creates the next numbered item, or adds
another bullet.
Bullets Numbering
Other features Word monitors and automatically
changes include changing fractions to fractional
characters like 1/2 to 1 / 2 or applying ordinals such
as changing 1st to 1 st .
Figure 3-24
Grab readers’ attention by using bullets
or numbering.
When Word formats the entry as a list, you see an
AutoCorrect Options button next to the bullet or
number (see Figure 3-25). If you don’t want Word
to change the list formatting, click the AutoCorrect
Options button and choose Undo Automatic
Numbering or Undo Automatic Bullets.
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