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Working with Themes
Chapter 3
Making a Word Document Look Good
Turn Off Automatic Bullets and
To permanently turn off the automatic
numbering or bullet formatting, choose File>
Options. In the Proofing section, click
AutoCorrect Options. Click the AutoFormat
As You Type tab and turn off Automatic
Bulleted Lists and Automatic Numbering.
Click OK twice.
Figure 3-25
Word’s AutoFormat As You Type feature.
Working with Themes
You spend a lot of time preparing the
content in your documents, making sure you
are getting your point across to the recipient
clearly. Throughout this chapter, you’ve seen how
you can add a little extra “umph” to your document
by adding formatting.
By default, when you create a new Word (or Excel,
PowerPoint and so forth) document, Office begins
with the “Office” theme. As you’ve already seen, it
starts with the Calibri 11 point font and you’ve also
seen the default paragraph settings. Microsoft Office
includes dozens of other themes with names such as
Apex, Civic, and Metro. You can also download
additional themes from Microsoft Office Online.
All Microsoft applications include a feature that saves
you boatloads of time by providing expertly designed
themes, which can give all of your Office documents
a unified and professional appearance. Themes
include a set of colors, fonts, and other formatting
details that coordinate together and since the
themes are shared across all the Office programs, all
your Office documents can now have the same look.
All of the document content links to the theme, so
if you change the theme, a complete set of new
colors, fonts, and effects is applied to your entire
document. You can still, however, make any
individual formatting changes to the document.
Themes also save time when you need to add
tables, charts or diagrams to your documents,
because those elements can also include the
matching theme settings.
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