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Using Quick Styles
To apply a different theme to your document, click
Page Layout>Themes>Themes. A gallery of the
themes seen in Figure 3-26 appears. As you hover
your mouse over any theme, you can immediately
see how the fonts and colors change in your
document. Click the theme you want to use.
Themes and Colors
Theme colors have 12 color positions. The
first four colors are for text and backgrounds.
The next six are accent colors and the last
two colors are used for hyperlinks. The folks
at Microsoft built visibility rules into the
themes so that usually you can switch colors
at any time and all your content will remain
legible and still look good.
Figure 3-26
Provide a unified appearance in documents by
using Office themes.
Using Quick Styles
This entire chapter is about making
your document look good by using Word’s
many formatting tools. In the previous
section, you discovered themes. You discovered that
themes change the overall colors, fonts, and effects
used in your document. However, there is a faster
way to quickly apply formatting.
Quick Styles are predefined sets of font and
paragraph formatting settings, each designed to
coordinate with each other. For example, a Quick Style
might include styles for headings, titles, body text,
or even quotations. Some include color changes
and some do not. Quick Styles change how the
different colors, fonts, and effects are combined and
which color, font, and effect is dominant.
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