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Managing Page Layouts
Chapter 4
Managing Word Pages
You can set the document margins before you begin
entering text into a document, after you've
completed the entire document, or at any time in between.
from the Apply to drop-down menu, choose
Selected Text (see Figure 4-5). Word creates section
breaks and applies the new margin settings.
Apply to
Choose Page Layout>Page Setup>Margins and
select from the choices you see in Figure 4-4, or
click Custom Margins, which displays the Page
Setup dialog box where you can set your own
choices. By default, Word applies the new settings
to the entire document.
Figure 4-5
Applying margin settings to only part
of a document.
Changing Document
Webster’s dictionary describes orientation as a
position in relation to a specific place or object. In
word processing, orientation refers to how the text
is positioned to the top of a page. Two orientations
exist: Portrait, the default orientation, prints the
Figure 4-4
Choosing from standard margin options.
If you want to change margins for only part of the
document, select the portion you want to change.
From Page Layout>Page Setup>Margins, choose
Custom Margins. Set the margins you want and,
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