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Managing Page Layouts
text beginning along the short edge of the paper,
and Landscape orientation prints along the long
edge of the page.
Word provides a number of ways to manage
document paper sizes.
To change the paper size for the entire
document, choose Page Layout>Page
Setup>Size and select a size from the
resulting drop-down menu (see Figure 4-7).
Choose Page Layout>Page Setup>Orientation and
choose Portrait or Landscape as seen in Figure 4-6.
Figure 4-6
Choosing a document orientation.
Different Orientation
Similar to margin settings, if you want to
change the orientation for only part of the
document, select the portion you want to
change and, from the Page Setup dialog box,
choose your orientation and from the Apply
To section, choose Selected Text. Word
creates section breaks and applies the new
settings to the selected section.
Setting the Paper Size
Word assumes you want your document printed on
standard paper 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches long,
but you may want your document printed on a
different paper size. Although Word can work with
many different sizes of paper, often the selections
available to you depend on the printer you have. In
many situations, you can even create your own
custom paper size.
Figure 4-7
Selecting the desired paper size.
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