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Viewing a Document
Chapter 4
Managing Word Pages
Using the Zoom Feature
Using Word's ability to zoom in on a document
allows you to examine your document more
closely or in greater detail through a close-up view of
your text. You can also zoom out to see more of
the page, at a reduced size. Zoom settings do not
affect the arrangement of text when you print the
document. Choose View>Zoom, and you see that
Word provides a number of ways that you can
zoom in or out of your document:
Choose One Page to view the entire page
(Figure 4-12).
Using the Zoom feature does not alter the
size at which the document will print.
Figure 4-12
Viewing a single page.
Choose Two Pages to view two pages side by
side. Use the scroll bar to scroll down
through the document two pages at a time.
Click the Zoom button to display the Zoom
dialog box (see Figure 4-11) where you can
choose the zoom percentage you want.
Choose Page Width to view the page by
page width.
Zoom to Page Width
Setting the Zoom to Page Width can be very
helpful if your document page orientation is
set to landscape.
Choose 100% to return to the normal zoom
rate of 100%.
Drag the zoom slider located on the status
bar to zoom in and out as desired (see
Figure 4-13). The current zoom rate appears
next to the zoom slider.
Figure 4-11
Choosing a Zoom percentage.
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