Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Viewing a Document
Display the Zoom box Increase zoom
Decrease zoom Zoom slider
Figure 4-13
The zoom slider controls.
Figure 4-14
Viewing two different document areas.
Use Mouse Scroll Button
If your mouse has a scroll button on top, you
can use it to zoom in and out. Hold down
the Ctrl key and move the scroll button
forward to zoom in or backward to zoom out.
Resize Windows
To resize the windows, position the mouse at
the top of the bottom window until it
becomes a double-headed arrow and then
drag the line until the windows are the
desired size.
Working with Split Windows
If you want to see two parts of a document, but
you can’t get them on the screen at the same time,
you can split a window. Doing so enables you to
view part of a long document in the upper window
while you view another part of the document in
the lower window.
When you want to remove the window split,
choose View>Window>Remove Split. Your
document reappears in a single window.
Comparing Documents Side by
Occasionally, you may want to view two documents
side by side, perhaps to compare one version to
another. Word provides the ability to view any two
open Word document windows next to each other.
When you split a window, each window panel
contains its own scroll bar. Choose View>Window>Split.
A horizontal line with a double-headed arrow
appears at the mouse pointer. Click the mouse where
you want the window divided, which then locks in
the split. The window divides into two sections with
each section having its own scroll bar and rulers.
Take a look at Figure 4-14 where you see page 1 in
the top section and page 4 in the bottom section.
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