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Viewing a Document
Chapter 4
Managing Word Pages
Choose View>Window>View Side by Side. If you
have more than two Word documents open, Word
first requests which window you want to compare
to the top current window (see Figure 4-15). If you
have only two open Word documents, you do not
see this Compare Side by Side dialog box.
Figure 4-16
Managing Synchronous Scrolling.
To return to a single document window, deactivate
the feature by choosing View>Window>View Side
by Side.
Figure 4-15
Viewing two different documents.
Edit Document
Using the Navigation Pane
If your document is quite lengthy, it can be
difficult and time consuming to navigate through the
document. However, if your document contains
heading styles (see Chapter 3), you can use the
Navigation Pane feature to ease navigation. The
Navigation Pane also allows you to examine the
document flow for completeness and ensure that
formatting is consistent. Think of the Navigation
Pane as a simple Table of Contents. Choose
View>Show>Navigation Pane. A Navigation Pane,
like the one seen in Figure 4-17, appears on the
left side of the screen.
To edit a document, click anywhere in the
document window.
By default, the two windows are synchronized so
that as you scroll through one window, the other
one scrolls with it. If you want to scroll through
the windows independently, you need to turn off
Synchronous Scrolling. From either window,
choose View>Window>Synchronous Scrolling (see
Figure 4-16).
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