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Adding Headers and Footers
disFigure 4-20
The Header & Footer Tools Design tab.
Options: The Options group allows you to
choose whether the first page of your
document should have a different header or
footer from the rest of the document. You
can also choose different headers for the
odd or even numbered pages.
Delete Placeholder
If you don’t want the predefined placeholder,
click the small tab above the placeholder and
press the Delete key.
Position: This group contains settings for
exact header and footer placement in
relation to the top or bottom of the document
paper edges.
Header & Footer: Use this group to change
the header or footer style, or to insert the
page number in the header or footer.
Close Header and Footer: Use this button
to close the header or footer and return to
the document body. You can also
doubleclick anywhere in the document body to
close the header or footer.
Insert: From this group you can insert the
current date or time, a picture, or a piece of
clipart. You can also select from Quick Parts
and choose one of the document properties
shown in Figure 4-21.
Every page of the document displays the header
and/or footer you created (see Figure 4-22).
Remember, however, that documents displayed in
Outline or Draft view do not show headers or footers.
Choose a Different One
If you don’t like the header or footer you
selected, double-click the header or footer and
then, from the Header & Footer Tools>Design
tab, click the Header or Footer button and
choose a different header or footer.
Figure 4-21
Adding document Quick Parts.
Navigation: Use the tools in this grou p to
move between the document headers and
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