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Adding Headers and Footers
Chapter 4
Managing Word Pages
Footer, in the page margins outside of the header or
footer, or you can put the page numbering at the
current document position of your cursor.
Choose the position you want, and then a gallery
of prefabricated page number styles appears. (See
Figure 4-23.) Select the page numbering style you
want to use. Word adds the page numbering to
your document as you see in Figure 4-24.
Figure 4-22
Viewing a document header.
More Header or Footer Choices
To further edit the header or footer, either
double-click in the header or footer area, or
choose Insert>Header & Footer>Header (or
Footer)>Edit Header (or Footer). To remove
the header or footer, choose Remove Header
(or Footer) from the same menu.
Adding Page Numbering
Although Word automatically numbers your pages
as you type them, it doesn’t print the page
numbers; it simply displays them in the screen status
bar. You can easily tell Word you want to print
them. Typically the page numbers appear in the
header or footer area, but they don’t have to. You
can place them wherever you want. What you do
need to remember though, is to use the Page
Numbers feature provided by Word – don’t try to
type the page numbering yourself. If you type Page
1 of 6 in the footer; every page will say Page 1 of 6.
If you use one of Word’s Page Number features, the
page numbering will change as needed, such as
Page 2 of 6 or Page 3 of 6.
Figure 4-23
Select a page numbering style.
To insert a page number, choose Insert>Header &
Footer>Page Number. A menu of placement options
appears. You can put the page number at the top of
the page in the Header, bottom of the page in the
Figure 4-24
Page numbering added to the document.
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