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Using Columns
Using Columns
Newspapers and magazines are
just a few of the documents that use
columns to break up stories, with the text
flowing from the bottom of one column to the top
of the next. Of course, columns can be used for
many other items, such as creating attractive
newsletters, forms, or marketing materials.
One: Use this choice to transform the
document (or section) from multiple columns
back to a single column.
Two: Select this to divide the page into two
equally spaced columns.
Three: If you want three equally spaced
columns on the page, choose this option.
Left: The Left option divides the page into
two columns, but the left column is smaller
than the right (see Figure 5-2).
Word applies columns to the entire document
unless you first select the portion you want changed
into columns, or you create section breaks and apply
the column settings to the current section. You first
discovered section breaks in Chapter 4.
Choose Page Layout>Page Setup>Columns. As
shown in Figure 5-1, you see a drop-down menu of
preset column options. Take a look at what each
choice represents:
Figure 5-2
The left column is smaller than the right.
Right: The Right option divides the page
into two columns, but the right column is
smaller than the left.
Figure 5-1
Choosing column settings.
More Columns: This option displays the
Columns dialog box where you can
customize your column settings.
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