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Working with Tables
Chapter 5
Working with Columns and Tables
If you have used Microsoft Excel or another
spreadsheet program, you will find working with tables in
Word very similar. In fact, on a very small scale,
Word tables are small spreadsheets.
Alternate Method
If you don’t want to drag across the table
grid to set the table size, choose Insert
Table. The Insert Table dialog box appears,
in which you can type how many rows
and columns you want in your table.
Creating a Simple Table
When you create a table, all you need to do is
estimate the number of rows and columns you need.
Notice I said estimate. You’ll find it easy to add or
delete rows or columns after you create the table.
Use the following steps to create a table:
4. Click the square that represents the
lowerright corner of your table. Word places the
table into your document.
Position the insertion point where you want
the table to begin.
Notice in Figure 5-6 that the blinking insertion point
is in the first table cell and that the Ribbon now
contains two Table Tools tabs: Design and Layout.
2. Choose Insert>Tables>Table, which displays a
table grid like the one you see in Figure 5-5.
Figure 5-5
The table grid.
Figure 5-6
Creating a table.
Drag the mouse across the squares that
represent the number of rows and columns you
want in your table. Word’s Live Preview feature
draws a sample of the table in your document.
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