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Working with Tables
Just follow these steps:
Moving a Table
The first step when creating a new table was to
position the insertion point where you want the
table. If you didn’t have your insertion point in the
right location, or you just decide you want to move
the table, you can easily drag it to a different
document area.
Hover your mouse anywhere over the table
until you see a sizing handle appear in the
lower-right table corner. You must be in Print
Layout view (View>Document Views>Print
Layout) or Web Layout view (View>Document
Views>Web Layout) to use this feature.
From Print Layout view or Web Layout view, as you
move your mouse over the table, notice the
upperleft table corner has a small box with a four-head-
ed arrow in it. This is the Table Move handle.
Position your mouse pointer over the Table Move
handle until the mouse pointer changes to a
fourheaded arrow, and then drag the table to a new
location. As you move the table, you see a dashed
line which represents the new table position. See
Figure 5-15 for an example.
2. Position the mouse pointer over the handle
until the pointer changes to a diagonal
double-headed arrow.
Table Move handle
3. Drag the sizing handle, which resizes the
table. As you drag the handle you see a
dashed line that represents the new table
size. (See Figure 5-14.)
Figure 5-15
Moving a table.
4. Release the mouse button to actually resize
the table.
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