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Removing Duplicate Rows
Removing Duplicate Rows
A longstanding item on the Excel wish list is the ability to automatically delete duplicate rows in
a worksheet. Beginning with Excel 2007, Microsoft has made that particular wish come true.
Figure 33-1 shows a range of data after it was converted to a table using Insert
Notice that this table has some duplicate rows.
Figure 33-1: The goal is to remove all duplicate rows from this table.
Start by selecting any cell in your table. Then choose Table Tools
Duplicates. Excel responds with the dialog box shown in Figure 33-2. The dialog box lists all
columns in your table. Select the check boxes for the columns that you want to be included in the
duplicate search. Most of the time, you select all the columns — which means that a duplicate is
defined as having the same data in every column.
Click OK, and Excel weeds out the duplicate rows and displays a message that tells you how
many duplicates it removed (see Figure 33-3).
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