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Keeping Titles in View
Keeping Titles in View
A common type of worksheet contains a table of data with descriptive headings in the first row.
But, as you scroll down the worksheet, the first row scrolls off the screen so you can no longer
see the column descriptions.
A feature introduced in Excel 2007 eliminated this age-old spreadsheet problem — but only if your
data is in the form of a table (created with Insert
Table). Figure 34-1 shows a table that
has been scrolled down. Normally, the column headers are scrolled out of view. But, when you’re
working with a table, Excel displays the column headers where the column letters normally appear.
Figure 34-1: The column headers for this table are displayed where the column letters normally appear.
Note that the column headers are visible only when a cell within the table is selected.
If your data isn’t in the form of a table, you have to resort to the old-fashioned method: freeze
panes. This method keeps the headings visible while you’re scrolling through the worksheet.
To freeze the first row, choose View➜Window➜Freeze Panes➜Freeze Top Row. Excel inserts
a dark horizontal line to indicate the frozen row. To freeze the first column, choose View➜
Window➜Freeze Panes➜Freeze First Column.
If you want to freeze more than one column or one row, move the cell pointer to the cell below
and to the right of where you want the freeze to occur. Then choose View➜Window➜Freeze
Panes➜Freeze Panes. For example, if you want to freeze the first two rows and the first column,
move the cell pointer to cell B3 before you issue the command. To freeze the first three rows
(but not any columns), select cell A4 before you issue the Freeze Panes command.
Some navigation keys operate as though the frozen rows or columns don’t exist. For example, if
you press Ctrl+Home while the worksheet has frozen panes, the cell selector moves to the upper
left unfrozen cell. Similarly, the Home key moves to the first unfrozen cell in the current row. You
can move into the frozen rows or columns by using the direction keys or your mouse.
To remove the frozen panes, choose View➜Window➜Freeze Panes➜Unfreeze Panes.
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