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Resizing the Formula Bar
Resizing the Formula Bar
In earlier versions of Excel, editing a cell that contains a lengthy formula or lots of text often
obscures the worksheet. Figure 37-1 shows Excel 2003 when a cell that contains lengthy text is
selected. Notice that many of the cells are covered up by the expanded Formula bar. Beginning
with Excel 2007, this problem is fixed thanks to a resizable Formula bar.
Figure 37-1: In previous versions, editing a lengthy formula or a cell that contains lots of text often obscures
the worksheet.
The Excel 2010 (and Excel 2007) Formula bar displays a small vertical scroller on the right, but
it might not be obvious that you can drag the bottom border of the Formula bar to change its
height. Figure 37-2 shows an example of the resized Formula bar. As you can see, increasing
the height of the Formula bar doesn’t obscure the information in the worksheet.
The ability to change the height of the Formula bar is a relatively minor change, but it can be
very helpful — if you know that it exists.
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