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Proofing Your Data with Audio
Proofing Your Data with Audio
Excel 2002 introduced a handy feature: text-to-speech. In other words, Excel is capable of
speaking to you. You can have this feature read back a specific range of cells, or you can set it up so
that it reads the data as you enter it.
For some reason, this feature appears to be missing in action, beginning with Excel 2007. You
can search the Ribbon all day and not find a trace of the text-to-speech feature. Fortunately, the
feature is still available — you just need to spend a few minutes to make it available.
Adding speech commands to the Ribbon
Following are instructions to add these commands to a new group in the Review tab of the
1. Right-click the Ribbon and then choose Customize the Ribbon from the shortcut menu.
Excel displays the Customize Ribbon tab of the Excel Options dialog box.
2. In the list box on the right, select Review and click New Group.
3. Click Rename and give the group a name, such as Speech.
4. Click the drop-down list on the left and choose Commands Not in the Ribbon.
5. Scroll down the list, and you find five items that begin with the word Speak; select each
one and then click Add.
They’re added to the newly created group.
6. Click OK to close the Excel Options dialog box.
After you perform these steps, the Review tab displays a new group with five new icons (see
Figure 38-1).
Figure 38-1: Speech commands added to the Ribbon.
Using the speech commands
To read a range of cells, select the range first and then click the Speak Cells button. You can also
specify the orientation (By Rows or By Columns). To read the data as it’s entered, click the Speak
On Enter button.
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