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Controlling Automatic Hyperlinks
Controlling Automatic Hyperlinks
One of the most common Excel questions is “How can I prevent Excel from creating automatic
Normally, Excel watches you type, and if it looks at all like you’re typing an e-mail address or a
Web URL, the entry is converted into a hyperlink. Sometimes that capability is helpful, but
sometimes it’s not.
Overriding an automatic hyperlink
To override a single automatic hyperlink, just click Undo (or press Ctrl+Z) after you enter the text.
The hyperlink disappears, but the text you entered remains intact. Another option is to precede the
entry with an apostrophe so that it’s evaluated as plain text.
Turning off automatic hyperlinks
If you never want to create automatic hyperlinks, here’s how to turn off this feature (it’s not
exactly intuitive):
1. Choose File
Options to display the Excel Options dialog box.
2. Click the Proofing tab.
3. Click the AutoCorrect Options button to display the AutoCorrect dialog box.
4. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab and deselect the Internet and Network Paths with
Hyperlinks check box (see Figure 39-1).
Figure 39-1: Use the AutoCorrect dialog box to turn off automatic hyperlinks.
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