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Indenting Cell Contents
Indenting Cell Contents
The contents of a cell can be left-aligned, right-aligned, or centered. By default, numbers are
right-aligned, and text is left-aligned. Figure 47-1 shows a table of data that uses the default
alignment. As you can see, entries in the Sales and Region columns appear right next to each
other, making it difficult to read.
Figure 47-1: Default cell alignment can make information difficult to read.
One solution is to change the alignment of the Region column. By making the text centered or
right-aligned, the text wouldn’t be next to the numbers in the Sales column. Another option is to
indent the Region text.
To indent, start by selecting the cell or range. Then press Ctrl+1 to display the Format Cells dialog
box. Click the Alignment tab and specify a nonzero value for the Indent setting (see Figure 47-2).
The direction of the indentation depends on the Horizontal alignment choice (Left or Right).
Figure 47-2: Choosing an Indent value for the selected range.
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