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Quick Number Formatting
Quick Number Formatting
As you probably know, a value in a cell can be displayed in many different ways. Excel provides a
few common number-formatting options in the Home
Number group of the Ribbon. For
complete control over number formatting, press Ctrl+1 to display the Format Cells dialog box and
then click the Number tab.
Some common number formats can be applied without using the Format Cells dialog box. If you
use any of these number formats regularly, you can save some time by using the keyboard
shortcuts shown in Table 48-1. Note that, on most keyboards, the third key in these Ctrl+Shift
shortcuts is located on the top row of your keyboard.
Table 48-1: Shortcut Keys to Apply Number Formatting
Shortcut Keys
Format That the Shortcut Applies
Ctrl+Shift+` (the accent/ tilde
key above Tab)
General number format (removes any other number formatting)
Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator, and
minus sign (–) for negative values
Time format with the hour and minute and AM or PM
Date format with the day, month, and year
Currency format with two decimal places (and negative numbers
displayed in parentheses)
Percentage format with no decimal places
Exponential Number format with two decimal places
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