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Adding a Frame to a Range
Adding a Frame to a Range
Excel 2007 added lots of new graphical formatting effects: shadows, glow, and reflection, for
example. These effects apply only to graphical objects, such as pictures, shapes, and charts.
If you need to make a range of cells stand out, you can insert a shape to serve as a frame. The
shape must be transparent (or semitransparent), but you can apply effects. Use the Insert
Shape command to add a shape to your worksheet.
Figure 60-1 shows an example of a range that has a transparent rectangular shape superimposed
on top of it. I applied some bevel effects and a shadow to the shape to make it resemble a
matted picture frame that’s floating above the worksheet. The shape in the figure uses a thick
compound line style, a beveled top, and a shadow.
Figure 60-1: A transparent shape on top of a range.
For maximum flexibility in formatting a shape, use the Format Shape dialog box rather than the
Ribbon commands. To display this dialog box, select the shape and press Ctrl+1.
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