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Dealing with Gridlines, Borders, and Underlines
Dealing with Gridlines, Borders, and Underlines
If you need to draw attention to or delineate cells in a worksheet, one way to do it is with lines.
Excel provides three options:
h Worksheet gridlines
h Cell borders
h Cell underlining
Worksheet gridlines is an all-or-none setting. Turn gridlines on or off for the active worksheet by
using the View
Gridlines check box. Normally, worksheet gridlines are not printed, but if
you want the gridlines to appear on your printed output, use the Page Layout
Sheet Options
Gridlines Print check box.
Cell borders can be applied to individual cells or to a range of cells. The Borders control in the
Font group provides the most common cell border options, but for complete control, use
the Border tab of the Format Cells dialog box, which is shown in Figure 61-1. (Press Ctrl+1 to
display the Format Cells dialog box.) This dialog box gives you control over border color, line style,
and location (for example, horizontal borders only) and works with the selected cell or range.
This dialog box can be a bit confusing, but if you take a few minutes to experiment with the
various options, you’ll understand how it works. Generally, you choose a style and color and then use
the Presets or the Border buttons to make your choice.
Figure 61-1: For optimal control over cell borders, use the Format Cells dialog box.
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