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Dealing with Gridlines, Borders, and Underlines
Cell underlining is completely independent of gridlines and cell borders. Excel provides four
different types of underlining:
h Single
h Double
h Single accounting
h Double accounting
The Underline control in the Home
Font group lets you choose from single or double
underlining. To apply the other two types of underlining, you must select the underline type from the
Underline drop-down list on the Font tab of the Format Cells dialog box.
How is the accounting underlining different from normal underlining? The difference is subtle.
When accounting underlining is applied to a cell that contains text, the complete width of the cell
is underlined. In addition, the underline appears slightly lower in the accounting underline
formats, making the underlined data more legible.
Figure 61-2 shows all four types of underlining for text (column A) and for values formatted as
currency. Worksheet gridlines are turned off to make the underlining more visible.
Figure 61-2: Examples of four types of underlining.
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