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Inserting a Watermark
Inserting a Watermark
A watermark is an image (or text) that appears on each printed page. A watermark can be a faint
company logo or a word, such as DRAFT. Excel doesn’t have an official command to print a
watermark, but you can add a watermark by inserting a picture in the page header or footer.
Here’s how to do it:
1. Note the location on your hard drive of the image you want to use for the watermark.
2. Choose View
Workbook Views
Page Layout View to enter Page Layout View.
3. Click the center section of the header.
4. Choose Header & Footer Tools
Header & Footer Elements
Picture to display the Insert
Picture dialog box.
5. Using the Insert Picture dialog box, locate and select the image you picked in Step 1 and
then click Insert to insert the image.
6. Click outside the header to see your image.
7. To center the image vertically on the page, click the center section of the header and
press Enter a few times before the &[Picture] code.
Experiment to determine the number of extra lines to insert.
8. If you need to adjust the image (for example, to make it lighter), click the center section
of the header and then choose Header & Footer Tools
Header & Footer Elements
Format Picture; use the Image controls on the Picture tab of the Format Picture dialog
box to adjust the image.
You may need to experiment with the settings to make sure that the worksheet text is
Figure 62-1 shows an example of a header image (a graphic of a globe) used as a watermark. You
can create a similar effect with plain text in the header (for example, the word DRAFT).
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